Thank you for all you have done for our family. Your support was a great comfort to me, and I know the girls found their work with you helpful as well.
K.F. , Program Officer

I enjoyed your money coaching and I think it can be useful in your regular coaching.  I think it is part of what makes you such a good therapist - you have so many different approaches to share with your clients.
Dawn ,Teacher

It’s always difficult to confide in a stranger about your deepest fears, struggles you face daily, or simply what step you need to take next in order to accomplish your aims in life. Yvonne took the time to understand where I was starting out at, and used targeted and personalized exercises to help me reach my goals. She was always professional and compassionate, while being the outside perspective I needed to help decide which path was best for me. Yvonne always helped me to take a step back and really evaluate what was happening with me and my surrounds. By setting small and manageable tasks for each session together we were able to work towards reaching my objective and found ways for me to sustain what worked best on my own going forward.
Gemma K, Student of York University

Yvonne rose has been my Psychotherapist turned Life Coach for the better part of ten years. I began sessions with her by referral when I was in crisis, our sessions were meant to be temporary, but I had never had a therapist (during my lifetime of therapy) show as much GENUINE care and concern as Yvonne did during our very first session, and every meeting thereafter, so I extended our engagement.
    My first session, Yvonne immediately stablished an easy, comfortable atmosphere, not at all clinical, and before I knew it I was opening up in a way that simply hadn't happened with previous professionals; here was some who genuinely cared, who honestly wanted to help, and even had the tools to do so. 
    Over the years I have evolved from someone frequently known for losing her temper, to someone most often referred to as “Smiley”, but here's the kicker: my situation hasn't changed, I just handle it better. I work the same job, live in the same place, I have the same whacky parents, and my bitch sister (said with affection!), but what Yvonne has helped to me do, quite simply, is flip my thinking. 
    A life coach cannot change your circumstances, but a good one can teach you live happily in almost any circumstance, in my opinion/experience, Yvonne is a great one I have shed what was truly negative in my live, and learned to love what was once annoying (and is unsheddable). And I feel myself beginning to ramble, suffice it to say, after ten years, Yvonne Rose has helped me with just about every aspect of my uniquely flawed psyche, I don't think I could write a testimonial long enough to cover it all.
May , bank teller/medical editor

I am a retired Section 20 special education teacher working with phase one young offenders in open custody.  Many of the 13 to 17 year old students presented similar profiles featuring, low self-esteem, attention deficit disorder, problems with authority, poor conflict resolution skills and as a result poor school success.
    As a result of her work many of the students showed marked improvement in their success in the classroom setting as well as an improved eagerness to continue to work with Yvonne throughout their stay.  Yvonne’s patient presentation helped students achieve success.
Phil, Retired Teacher

Yvonne is truly amazing at what she does. I've seen many councillors over the years, but Yvonne by far the best. Her extensive education and knowledge have helped me through many different issues. I struggled when we lost my father inlaw passed and she helped me learn how to manage the grief. When I developed a phobia of the motorway after an accident she used EFT tapping to help train my brain not to be scared. Not many councillors are aware of EFT, but I can attest it does work. I feel extremely lucky to have found Yvonne as she has been key in my recovery and moving forwards so I can live my life. Yvonne is truly fantastic at what she does.